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Learning the Thai language doesn’t have to be limited to a classroom. In fact, it can be done anywhere with the help of smart apps!

Here are our top 3 recommendations for learners who are looking for the best mobile applications for learning Thai that work on both Android and iOS

1. Learn Thai Language with Ling

Price: Free or ฿ 299/month and ฿3,300 for lifetime access

There are a lot of applications for learning Thai out there but it’s not easy to find one that’s effective and engaging for all levels and covers all skills. If you’re looking for one and can’t decide which app to go for, I suggest you check out an app called “Learn Thai Language with Ling”.

The Ling app is a great way to learn Thai, especially for those that prefer a more visual and interactive experience. This app aims to improve your Thai language skills with a variety of fun tasks and challenges. Ling uses lots of colourful pictures and clearly pronounces the words to help you remember with ease.

The application is suitable for all abilities, with 5 difficulty levels, ranging from Beginner to Expert. Each level contains 10 individual units that teach a wide range of topics. Each unit focuses on both the speaking and Writing/Reading aspects of the language!

One great feature of this app is the ‘Exam’ that you can take at the end of each topic. This consists of 10 questions and a certain standard needs to be met in order to pass the exam. This allows you to continuously track your progress as the concepts start to become more advanced.

Ling helps you to speak clearer Thai by showing the tone of each word and by speaking it to you slowly. You will be frequently asked to listen and repeat words and the app will give you feedback about your pronunciation, helping you to form good speaking habits. To suit all users, the words are displayed in Thai, English and phonetic Thai text.

To try it out click the above image or the following link:

2. ‘Talking Thai’ English-Thai dictionary

Price: ฿749

A dictionary is your best friend when you’re learning a foreign language. Usually, google translation does a decent job for translating and it’s free! However, when it comes to English-Thai or vice versa, you might find the translation can be way off, especially when you try to translate a full sentence.

After testing a few different dictionary apps, I found ‘Talking Thai’ by Paiboon Publishing to be the most reliable English-Thai dictionary you can find online right now.

Not only does the app provide you with accurate translations, but it also guides you on how to speak the words properly. The app only uses recordings from Native speakers, who speak to you slowly and clearly. Also, the tone markers are clearly shown above the Thai script to further help with the pronunciation of the words.

The Talking Thai app also lets you speak to it, so if you are trying to translate a word you just heard somewhere, you can simply repeat it into your microphone and the app will start searching right away. Inside the app you will find helpful tools, such as the ‘talking currency and units converter’ which can be very useful in day-to-day life. This is one of the many features of the app that proves it is more than just a dictionary!

3. ‘Quizlet’ Flashcards & Study Tools

Price: Free

The more words you know, the more you can express yourself and improve your fluency in Thai.

Flashcards are a great tool when it comes to learning new vocabulary. After using the app for years, I can highly recommend Quizlet to all language learners, especially if you have a hard time remembering new words.

Not only does the app allow you to create your own flashcards but it also allows you to access the numerous existing flashcard decks created by other learners or teachers. Among millions of users, thousands of flashcards have been created for learning the thai language.

However, this is not just a boring flashcards app where you can only add a list of terms and definitions, with Quizlet you can also add images, diagrams, audio and turn them into various fun games.

Quizlet also allows you to track your progress at any time with the ‘Test’ feature. Each test contains a specified number of questions that are marked and reviewed instantly by the app.

To check out my flashcards for learning Thai consonants click this link.

In my opinion, these are the best apps for learning Thai. If you are a serious learner, you will find them greatly helpful to aid studying alone or by adding them into your lessons with a teacher
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