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ขี้ [khîi] literally means excrement and it’s not a very polite word when used on its own. It’s actually more like the word “sh*t” in English.

ขี้ [khîi] literally means excrement

But it is commonly used to describe everyday bodily secretion such as:

1. ขี้ตา [khîi dtaa]sleep (in your eyes)

2. ขี้หู [khîi hǔu]ear wax

3. ขี้มูก [khîi mûuk]snot

4. ขี้ไคล [khîi khlai]scruf, dead skin

Using it in this context is totally fine and not impolite as when used on its own. Apart from that meaning, we also have many common adjectives that start with the word ขี้[khîi] to describe things which are mostly negative. Some examples of person related adjectives that begin with ขี้[khîi]:

1. ขี้บ่น [khîi bòn]complainer

2. ขี้เกียจ [khîi gìat]lazy

3. ขี้หึง [khîi hʉ̌ŋ]jealous person (in love)

4. ขี้โม้ [khîi móo]boastful

5. ขี้เมา [khîi maw]drunkard

6. ขี้เหนียว [khîi nǐaw]stingy, cheap

7. ขี้ลืม [khîi lʉʉm]forgetful

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