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Jan Kannaphat
BA (Hons) Lunguistics

Chiang Mai University

As a linguist with a Honours Bachelor's degree in Linguistics from Chiang Mai University, Jan is renowned for her groundbreaking work in developing a new and innovative system for learning Thai fater and more effectively. With over 12 years of experience in linguistic research and application, she has revolutionized the way people approach Thai language acquisition.

Her pioneering approach to speed learning Thai has garnered international recognition and has been adopted by Ambassadors, Medical Professionals, and various C-Suite executives across asia seeking a rapid and effective way to master the language.

Jan's system is designed to provide learners with a comprehensive understanding of Thai language and culture in a remarkably short time.

Jan's proficiency in English allows her to explain complex linguistic concepts effectively, making her system accessible to a global audience.


Jan has authored her own book, curriculum and teaching materials, guaranteeing that the content aligns perfectly with her innovative method.

Every teacher working under the Kru Jan system has a high level of english proficiency and has undergone comprehensive training in the Kru Jan speed learning system.

The Thai Express System

Jan's groundbreaking speed learning Thai system is a comprehensive and revolutionary approach to acquiring the Thai language quickly and effectively. It combines cutting-edge linguistic principles with engaging teaching methods to provide learners with a unique and efficient path to language mastery.

Jan's system covers all language skills - listening, speaking, reading, and writing - ensuring that learners develop a well-rounded proficiency in Thai.

Personalization: Jane customizes lessons to each learner's unique needs, guaranteeing that the learning experience is highly personalized and efficient.

Jan and her teachers fluency in English allows them to explain complex linguistic concepts effectively when needed, ensuring learners have a clear understanding of the material. Jan's teaching approach is characterized by interactivity, fun, and engagement, making the language learning process enjoyable and motivating.

Jan prioritizes understanding each learner's unique learning habits, tailoring her teaching methods to suit specific preferences and strengths. Jan's deep understanding of the Thai language allows her to break down complex linguistic concepts into simple, understandable components, making the learning process efficient and accessible.

Jane's system is renowned for its ability to guide learners from scratch to fluency in a remarkably short time. It offers a fast-track to becoming a confident Thai speaker.

thai language learning
Work book Study Thai.png

Thai Express Book 2024

Jane's teaching materials, designed to complement her speed learning Thai system, are the cornerstone of her approach. Her book, a central component of her system, embodies her innovative methodology.

The book covers all aspects of the Thai language, including grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and cultural insights.

It provides a well-organized, step-by-step progression that takes learners from basic to advanced language proficiency.

The book includes a wide range of interactive exercises and activities that reinforce learning and encourage practical application.

In addition to language skills, the book integrates cultural aspects, helping learners understand and appreciate Thai culture.

Rich with visual aids, illustrations, and examples, the book enhances comprehension and retention.

Jane's book is often accompanied by digital resources, such as audio recordings and online exercises, to further enhance the learning experience.


Jane's teaching materials are designed to be adaptable, allowing learners to focus on their specific goals and interests within the Thai language.

Meet our teachers

At Study Thai with Kru Jan, we are dedicated to providing the best online Thai language learning experience for our students. Our mission is to make learning Thai fast, easy, and rewarding for everyone. A philosophy that we have passed on to our team of dedicated and comitted teachers of the Kru Jan system. We have more than 20 specialized and experienced teachers ready to cater to your learning needs. Here are a few of the wonderful people you might study under depending on your learning needs.

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Are you a thai language teacher and interested in joining our team, please send us your application in our carriers section by following the link below.

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